How Can You Develop a Rat Problem?

Most people do not like rats. They are quite the nuisance, destroying insulation, chewing on electrical wires, and creeping about in attics, walls and crawl spaces making people feel uncomfortable.

How do you develop a rat problem? Well, rats are hungry critters, and they’re always on the search for food, so if you have improper garbage disposal such that they can get into your scraps, you could end up with a rat problem. When you take food scraps to the garbage can, wrap the scraps up in a sealed bag and make sure the garbage can lid is always on tight– rats can’t get to the food then. Metal garbage cans are quite ratproof, and lids can be secured using ropes, chains, bungee cords and/or weights.

Do you have a bird feeder outside, near your home? Rats are attracted to the spilled seeds– so if you don’t want rats, don’t have any bird-feeding stations near your home. Also, avoid having compost piles in your yard. Pick up any fruit that falls to the ground in your yard.

If you have a pet dog or cat, keep their food in sealed containers and feed them indoors rather than feeding them outside. If a dog poops in your yard, pick it up and throw it out because–get this–rats can live on dog poop. Yikes!

Besides food, rats look for places to live. They can gain entry to your place by gnawing, climbing, jumping or even swimming, and they often come into a home via tree branches and vines touching the house and/or through broken drains, pipes, and cracks or holes in the walls. Therefore seal openings around drainpipes, power lines, cables, and other utilities that enter your place to prevent rats from gnawing their way inside. Seal cracks and holes in building foundations and exterior walls (including warped siding) and roof joints. Install vent guards to prevent rats from entering bathroom exhaust vents and dryer vents. Basement drains should be screened.

If you have a rat problem and want help, call Silver Bullet Pest Control of Palm Desert, CA, at 760-650-2847 or email today.

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