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Is your home or business being invaded by uninvited pests or critters and you don’t know where to turn? Here at Silver Bullet Pest Control we are the leaders in residential and commercial pest control in Palm Desert CA and the Coachella Valley area. We help rid our clients’ homes and businesses of unwanted pests. Don’t fill your house with harmful do it yourself chemicals that will do more damage to the people living there than to the pests that need to go, let the professionals at Silver Bullet Pest Control do it the safe and effective way.

Being located in Southern California, Palm Desert CA, and the Coachella Valley area are exposed to a wide variety of exotic bugs, insects and pests that most of the country isn’t exposed to. Being a local residential and commercial pest control provider we have experience with the pests that dominate households in our area giving us the advantage. We diagnose problem areas and treat them swiftly and effectively.

Don’t let some national exterminator service provider come to your house and over charge and under perform, call the local guys at Silver Bullet Pest Control to rid you of the pests you can’t live with at a price that you can.

Many home improvement stores and mega retailers push harmful ineffective chemicals on consumers making for a potential hazard. The truth is that if you don’t know exactly what to look for, properly spot trouble areas and how to effectively treat the pest problem you can waste a lot of money, fill your house with lethal combinations and levels of chemicals that can last a lot longer than the pests you are trying to get rid of. Save time and money by having a local pest control provider such as Silver Bullet Pest Control make your problems a thing of the past.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please take a few moments and see all the great pest control services we provide, information about our company and everything that makes us the best residential and commercial pest control service provider in Palm Desert CA, and the Coachella Valley area. If you have pests that are taking over your home and need someone you can rely on to permanently remove your unwanted guests, Call Silver Bullet Pest Control today and we will rush right over.